1. Molecular and serological testing of COVID-19, classic versus POCT
  2. Personalized approach of diagnostic in autoimmune diseases
  3. Lipid profile in the era of personalized cardiovascular risk assessment and treatment
  4. Metabolomics via MS-from research to clinical laboratory applications
  5. Biomarkers in toxicology (alcohol abuse, etc) – strengths and limitations
  6. Measurement of anticoagulant activity in patients treated with DOAC (Direct Oral AntiCoagulants)
  7. Liquid Biopsy / liquid profiling – circulating cells and nucleic acids
  8. Pediatric myeloid neoplasia.
  9. Diagnostic challenges in myelodysplastic syndromes.
  10. Assessment of prognostic factors in multiple myeloma.
  11. Infectious disease surveillance – implications of diagnostic screening strategies
  12. Performance Parameters in Laboratory Medicine – from theory to practical use